Carbon / Zylon Hybrid Plate

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The high performance fabric and epoxy we use to make these panels is sourced from reputable manufacturers. Hillside Composites combines these raw materials using high quality manufacturing methods that produce panels with a high strength to weight ratio and an ultra low void content. Backed by years of experience and thousands of hours of research, we remove the guesswork so that you can rest assured you will end up with quality parts at a cost you can afford. These panels leave the mold with a beautiful high gloss surface on one side and a matte finish on the other side for bonding. Made in the USA.

Panel Specifications

  • Fabric: Carbon / Zylon Hybrid
  • Weave: 2x2 Twill
  • Panel Density: .052 lb/in3 (1.45g/cc)
  • Volume Fraction: 55% Fiber, 45% Epoxy by Volume
  • Fiber Types: Torray T-300 and Bronze Zylon HM Fabric 2x2. Zylon is an exotic super fiber is actually stronger and stiffer than most carbon fiber with a toughness similar to Kevlar. Combining materials such as Zylon and Carbon Fiber result in composite materials with unique and useful physical characteristics.
  • Epoxy: PRO-SET INF-114, INF-213.
  • Glass Transition Temperature Tg Onset: 177°F (81°C)
  • Stacking Sequence: For non symmetric fabrics such as this one (carbon is running in the 0 deg direction and Zylon is running in the 90 degree direction), we change the orientation of each subsequent layer so that the amount of each fiber type running in both direction is balanced. As a result we are limited to manufacturing 4ftx4ft panels of this material. All of our panels are symmetric and balanced for superior flatness and predictable mechanical characteristics. Please contact us for specific stacking sequences.
  • Panel Length and Width Tolerance: -.06" + .06"
  • Thickness Tolerance: 0-.124"THK ±.010", .125"-.375"THK ±.020"

Design Guides and Data Sheets

wrwerefrw Standard vs. Quasi-Isotropic vs. Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Plate

wrwerefrw Torray T300 Carbon Fiber Data Sheet

wrwerefrw Zylon HM Data Sheet

wrwerefrw PRO-SET INF-114, INF-213 Epoxy Data Sheet

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