About Us

Hillside Composites LLC was founded in 2014 in order to address the need for high quality composite manufacturing and engineering services that satisfy a rapidly growing market of high performance and energy efficient products. Today we support medical, aerospace, scientific, automotive, sporting goods, and many other industries. We deliver exceptional results due to our vast experience, qualified personnel, and our mission to provide our customers with the best products and services possible.


Our primary mission is to understand the needs of our customers, like you, and help you succeed. We work as a team with our customers to find solutions to new and demanding applications that require expert knowledge of composite materials, and how they can be utilized properly and economically without compromising quality.


Our capabilities include engineering, reinforced plastic plate manufacturing and machining. We are capable of supporting our customers all the way from prototype to high production. We specialize in high performance and experimental applications that require light weight, high strength, and precision made components. We are properly equipped to analyze, handle, and process reinforced plastic, which often provides unique, unexpected, and difficult challenges.

Our Products

Each and every product we sell is a result of years of rigorous research and development. We source the highest quality raw materials from trusted manufacturers. In addition, we employ the highest quality manufacturing techniques. The results are products that you and your customers can count on performing, under the most extreme conditions.

Our Services

Our engineering and consulting services offer extreme value when it comes to minimizing costs associated with manufacturing composite parts. We have an in depth understanding of what plays a role in the cost of manufacturing composite products, which is often vastly different from other industries that utilize metals and un-reinforced plastics. Our engineering and consulting services generally result in our customers capturing much higher profit margins without compromising quality.