Engineering Services

Our comprehensive engineering services go far beyond composites to include mechanical, electrical, and system engineering. We have a proven track record and experience engineering composite materials, critical structures, autonomous systems, manufacturing automation, haptics, and advanced controls of electro-mechanical systems. Contact us by clicking the request a quote button below and we will get right back to you.

The pictures below are just a few examples of systems we have designed, engineered, and manufactured.

Haptic Feedback Technology Demonstration Unit in Protective Case

Haptic feedback technology demonstration unit

Haptic Feedback Technology Demonstration Powered Up

Haptic feedback technology powered for demonstration

Gamma Ray Spectrometer Rendering

Gamma Ray Spectrometer

Lead Creep Simulation

Spectrometer lead creep analysis

Bipedal Running Robot Rendering

Bipedal robot rendering

Bipedal Running Robot on Treadmill

Bipedal robot fully constructed

Bipedal robot free running with slack support harness